Day 24: Christmas Art Calendar

This is for Day 24. Out of all the wonderful Christmas childhood memories I have, there is a special one that stands out. It happened one Christmas Eve. I must’ve been about 7 years old. My sisters and I were already in bed after a long night at Misa de Gallo. At about two in the morning, my Dad woke us up and took us outside. He told us to look up at the stars. I remember Mom and Dad pointing out one big star in the sky. They told us that it was the star announcing the birth of Jesus. THE ACTUAL STAR! THE STAR that the shepherds followed! Now I don’t know if that was true, it was probably Venus or the North star. But to me at that time, it seemed so magical. I was in awe! Wow…. I remember thinking… The ACTUAL STAR that announced Jesus’ birth! I love my parents for that. Great memory. I don’t know if it was the actual star, but at that time and now, I really do believe it was.

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